Wedding Consultant

Hours: 260 / Access Length: 12 Months / Delivery: Open, Mentor Supported
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Course Overview:

It's the most important day in many couples’ lives and everything needs to be perfect. With weddings becoming larger, costlier and more complex, more than two thirds of engaged couples are turning to professional wedding consultants for help. Learn how to combine your creative vision with their individual preferences to create the wedding of their dreams. Discover the newest wedding trends and find out how to be the first to adopt these new trends.

Drawing on wedding traditions and customs from around the world, this course includes real-world information on:

  • Vows, from the traditional to the creative
  • Rituals, former variety of traditions
  • Toasts, from the classic to advice on writing your own
  • Readings, spanning various customs and heritages
  • Music, from classical to popular

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify techniques for planning a wedding ceremony
  • Comprehend the role of wedding vows and traditions
  • Identify the elements involved in the wedding consulting business
  • Identify techniques for marketing and determining fees and services
  • Define basic wedding elements the wedding consult must consider

Course Outline:

Wedding Consultant Module 1
The Ceremony Planner
  • Setting the Tone for the Wedding
  • Taking Charge of the Wedding
  • Choosing an Officiant
  • Deciding Who will Participate
  • Planning the Ceremony Location
  • The Wedding Program
  • The Wedding Rehearsal
  • The Ceremony Text
  • Incorporating Personal Beliefs
  • Checklists and Worksheets
Wedding Consultant Module 2
Wedding Vows and Traditions
  • Traditional Religious Vows
  • Interfaith and Nondenominational Vows
  • Civil Vows
  • Writing Your Own Vows
  • Traditional & Nontraditional Readings
  • Exchanging Ring Ceremonies
  • Unifying Rituals
  • Programs and Quotes
  • Selecting the Music
  • Speeches and Toasts
Wedding Consultant Module 3
The Wedding Consultant Business
  • Characteristics of a Successful Bridal Consultant
  • The Role of the Consultant
  • Wedding Day Duties
  • Consulting Services and Fees
  • Developing Your Market
  • Writing a Mission Statement
  • Building the Foundations of Your Business
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Legal Issues
  • The Cost of Doing Business
  • Developing a Vendor Network
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Using the Internet
  • Tracking Your Finances
Wedding Consultant Module 4
The Portable Wedding Consultant
  • Accessories, Attendants, Attire
  • The Ceremony Itself
  • Divorced parents
  • Finances, Flowers, Guest Lists
  • Invitations, Honeymoon
  • Kids at Weddings
  • Music and Photography
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Rehearsals, Gifts, the Reception
  • Showers, Rings, Thank You Notes
  • Traditions, Transportation
  • Tuxedos, Wedding Gowns
  • Videography
  • Wedding Cakes

All necessary materials are included.


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