Overcoming Chaos

Hours: 8 / Access Length: 3 Weeks / Delivery: Monthly, Mentor Supported
Retail Price: $225.00

Course Overview:

Multiple demands, conflicting priorities, and impossible deadlines are a way of life for many professionals. It doesn't have to be that way! This course will help you refocus your energy and regain control over your workday and your life. Focus begins within as you explore your personal preferences for organizing and thinking. You will develop a personal mission statement to guide you as you improve your skills to prioritize and focus. Worksheets and questionnaires provide tangible tools to help you plan, manage, and track responsibilities while managing multiple priorities. You'll complete this course with renewed energy and personalized tools that will help you get results!

Course Outline:

  • You will explore your needs, preferences, principles and endowments as you prepare to put first things first.
  • You will use a variety of tools and concepts to develop and maintain focus on your mission and priorities.
  • You will explore ways to organize space, paperwork and systems.
  • You will identify strategies for working with and through others to overcome chaos as you develop a practical plan for implementation.


All necessary materials are included.

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System Requirements:

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  • Latest Chrome OS
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