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Hours: 25 / Access Length: 6 Months / Delivery: Open, Mentor Supported
Retail Price: $795.00

Course Overview:

This program consists of training, certification, and business start-up kit. You will receive everything you need to be able to go out and start conducting home/residential energy audits. You will learn to identify the common energy wasting areas of a residence. You will also learn more in-depth energy conservation techniques to enable you to provide your clients with the maximum in energy savings insight. Each course is easy to follow and understand, yet detailed and descriptive to educate you thoroughly. Once you have successfully completed the Home Energy Training Program and passed the Home Energy Certification Examination, you are fully prepared to start your very own home energy business. The best way to jump-start your energy business is with our Home Energy Business Kit.

Course Outline:

The Home Energy Training Program consists of the following 7 courses. After you have studied all 7 courses, you will be given a Certification Examination to test your knowledge.

Module 1 - Basics of Energy

Learn where electricity comes from and what makes the pollution, which causes to global warming. You will also learn about watts and currents and how to read an electric bill.

Module 2 - Reducing Lighting Costs

Lighting is a key way to help save energy and money. Learn everything you need to know about lights. You will be able to save your customers on average over $100 a year with the information you learn in this section alone.

Module 3 - Heating and Cooling Systems

Learn how heating and cooling systems work and how to quickly assess energy savings opportunities.

Module 4 - Electronics, Appliances and Water Heaters

Learn to conduct visual inspections of existing electronics and appliances and determine their energy rating. Learn to visually inspect water heaters and find all the problems areas that make them one of the biggest energy wasting parts of the home.

Module 5 - Insulation, Doors and Windows

Learn to conduct visual inspections to determine where hot and cold air is leaking into and out of the home.

Module 6 - Economics of Water Conservation

Learn how to identify where in the home water is wasted. Quickly identify replacement units or easy fixes that will eliminate the waste and save the customer money - not only in water costs, but also electrical costs.

Module 7 - Advanced Energy Audit Techniques

Learn advanced audit techniques, including using blower doors, infrared technology and more.

Final EXAM

Certification program includes 100 focused questions that will test your new energy knowledge and training.

  • Business Building Guide (learn everything you need to know to setup your own business)
  • 5 Essential Home Energy Audit Resources (all the tools you need to run your home energy business)
  • Home Inspection Checklist - Handy checklist lets you do a step-by-step, room-by-room home audit. You will never miss a thing as you complete the comprehensive inspection checklist.
  • Always feel assured that you have covered all the major areas of the home during your inspection walk through.
  • Home Inspection Worksheets -Use the worksheets to calculate the exact savings that can be realized. You will show the homeowners the worksheets and your calculations so that they can completely understand the benefits.
  • Home Energy Report - You will have a Report you can leave with your customers that lists the areas of the home you inspected. You can write notes for the homeowner to personalize this report for them.
  • Lighting Quick Reference Chart - You receive this pocket-sized chart that shows the energy cost and savings for simple lighting changes. With this chart you can quickly assess how much a homeowner is spending on energy today and how much you can save them.
  • Lighting Savings Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet will calculate all the lighting data you gathered on your Checklist and Worksheets so that you do not have to manually do the calculations. The savings are instantly calculated for you so you can instantly provide the homeowner with their total savings.
  • Marketing Materials (including flyers, business cards, sales letter, etc.)
  • Fliers & Leave Behinds - You will receive our professionally designed marketing materials, including postcards, business cards and fliers. There are targeted messages that clearly and effectively explain how your customers can save money by saving energy.
  • Marketing Training Course (learn to market your new energy business)
  • Learn the essentials to marketing energy services with the Energy Marketing Energy Services module. You will learn: How to target your market; Find clients without cold-calling;Conversation starters/sales pitch; Getting the first client.
  • PowerPoint Sales Presentation (show your prospects the benefits of the audit process)
  • Walk your sales prospects through the home energy audit process. It includes all the features and benefits that your service will provide them and easily explains where you will be able to save them on their energy bills.
  • Energy Audit Logo License (for use on your business materials)

System Requirements:

System Requirements:

Internet Connectivity Requirements:
  • Cable and DSL internet connections are recommended for the best experience.
Hardware Requirements:
  • CPU: 1 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720 or higher
  • Speakers / Headphones
  • Microphone (Webinar / Live Online sessions)
Operating System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 (Home, Pro)
  • Mac OSX 10 or higher.
  • Latest Chrome OS
  • Latest Linux Distributions

NOTE: While we understand that our courses can be viewed on Android and iPhone devices, we do not recommend the use of these devices for our courses. The size of these devices do not provide a good learning environment for students taking online or live online based courses.

Web Browser Requirements:
  • Latest Google Chrome is recommended for the best experience.
  • Latest Mozilla FireFox
  • Latest Microsoft Edge
  • Latest Apple Safari
Basic Software Requirements (These are recommendations of software to use):
  • Office suite software (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, or LibreOffice)
  • PDF reader program (Adobe Reader, FoxIt)
  • Courses may require other software that is denoted in the above course outline.

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