Green Supply Chain Professional

Hours: 80 / Access Length: 12 Months / Delivery: Open, Mentor Supported
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Course Overview:

Become a Green Supply Chain Professional and learn a clear strategic overview and actionable plan for the implementation of green supply chains. This course is for anyone grappling with the elements required to change an organization’s supply chain strategy in a ‘green’ direction.

This course answers the following five fundamental questions:

  1. What are the tangible and intangible benefits of moving towards a Green Supply Chain?
  2. What are the costs, both direct, and indirect?
  3. What influence do we have over our suppliers, their suppliers and our customers that would allow us to jointly work together and move the supply chain towards a green supply chain?
  4. How will we communicate and measure our progress towards the green supply chain to the key stakeholders? How will we engage them?
  5. What barriers to Green Supply Chains can be expected and how can these be overcome?

The Green Supply Chain Professional is responsible for steering supply chain decisions and this course is an invaluable asset, particularly as the ‘greening of business’ grows ever important.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the core elements of the green supply chain
  • Identify features of green production, logistics, and packaging
  • Define methods for executing the green supply chain and overcoming challenges
  • Identify the steps to monitor and manage carbon
  • Identify strategies for reporting and evaluating performance

Course Outline:

Green Supply Chain Professional Module 1
Understanding the Green Supply Chain
  • Benefits of Green Supply Chains
  • Traditional & Green Supply Chains
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Impact on the Bottom Line
  • Key Contributors to the Profitability
  • Green Supply Chain Planning
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Green Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) 
  • Green Procurement
Green Supply Chain Professional Module 2
Green Supply Chain Execution – Part 1
  • Green Production
  • Benefits, Drivers, and Challenges of Green Production
  • Green Logistics
  • Benefits, Drivers, and Challenges of Green Logistics
  • Green Packaging
  • Benefits, Drivers, and Challenges of Green Packaging
Green Supply Chain Professional Module 3
Green Supply Chain Execution – Part 2
  • Green Marketing
  • Benefits, Drivers, and Challenges of Green Marketing
  • Elements of Green Marketing
  • Supply Loops
  • Benefits, Drivers, and Challenges of Supply Loops
  • Moving Toward Supply Loops
Green Supply Chain Professional Module 4
Carbon Management & Migration Strategy
  • Carbon Measurement
  • Carbon Minimization
  • Carbon Monitoring
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Green Supply Chain Migration Strategy
  • Phase 1: Detailed Analysis
  • Phase 2: Design & Implementation
  • Phase 3: Organizational Change Management
Green Supply Chain Professional Module 5
Continuous Improvement & Performance Evaluation
  • Benefits of Continuous Improvement
  • Prerequisites of Continuous Improvement
  • Methodology of Continuous Improvement
  • Green Supply Chain Benchmarking
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Benefits of Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation Methodology
  • Measurement Toolkit Performance Evaluation

All necessary materials are included.

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