Business Management and Leadership

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Course Overview:

Management issues are fundamental to any organization: How do we plan to get things done, organize the company to be efficient and effective, lead and motivate employees, and put controls in place to make sure our plans are followed and our goals are met? Good management is basic to starting a business, growing a business, and maintaining a business once it has achieved some measure of success. This Business Management course will help you understand how to be a better manager through planning, decision making, motivating, leading, and communicating more effectively.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend the strategies and requirements for business management
  • Identify ways for managing the environment and international business
  • Identify the qualities of adaptive organizations and the benefits they see
  • Identify methods for planning and maintaining quality control
  • Comprehend good leadership practices and the different leadership styles

Looking for ways to make your company great, motivate your employees, and grow profits? Then Leadership & Goal Attainment is the course for you. In the first part of this course you will learn how relational leadership is not just a theory or a buzzword, but a way of managing through relationship-building to bring out the very best in one's employees. You will see how some executives succeeded where others failed and take advantage of those lessons of success to create your own.

Why do some genius-level leaders seem to drain intelligence and performance out of the people around them, while others stimulate, motivate, and get so much more out of their work associates? The second part of this course uses Liz Wiseman’s book to label the former group, people who need to be the smartest person in the room, as diminishers, while the latter are multipliers, people who use their smarts to stimulate and enhance the creativity of the group. This section of the course identifies what is considered the five most important disciplines that help managers to think and act more like multipliers, bringing people together, and giving others on the team more freedom, power, and responsibility, which ultimately generates self-worth and satisfaction. 

The third part of this Leadership & Goal Attainment course will help you with setting and achieving your goals. While it can be difficult to set truly meaningful and motivational goals, it is one of the most essential steps to business success. Even more importantly, setting, working toward and achieving measurable goals is how we all grow personally while contributing to organizational success.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend the core elements of relational leadership
  • Identify steps involved in creating an enjoyable and effective workplace
  • Identify the types of leaders and the effects they have on a workforce
  • Identify strategies for becoming a multiplier
  • Comprehend the process for effectively setting and achieving goals

The Business Management and Leadership program includes 2 courses:

  • Business Management
  • Leadership and Goal Attainment

Course Outline:

Business Management Module 1
Introduction to Management
  • What is Management?
  • What Do Managers Do?
  • What Does It Take to Be a Manager?
  • Why Management Matters
  • History of Management
  • The Evolution of Management
  • Organizational Environments & Cultures
  • External Environments
  • Internal Environments
  • Ethical & Unethical Workplace Behavior
  • How Do You Make Ethical Decisions?
  • Social Responsibility
Business Management Module 2
Planning & Decision Making
  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Planning
  • Rational Decision Making
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Corporate-Level Strategies
  • Industry-Level Strategies
  • Firm-Level Strategies
  • Organizational Innovation
  • Organizational Change
  • Global Management
  • How to Go Global?
  • Where to Go Global?
  • Cultural Differences
  • International Assignments
Business Management Module 3
Adaptive Organizations
  • Designing Adaptive Organizations
  • Structure and Process
  • Designing Organizational Processes
  • Why Use Work Teams?
  • Managing Work Teams
  • Enhancing Work Team Effectiveness
  • Managing Human Resource Systems
  • The Legal Context
  • Finding Qualified Workers
  • Developing Qualified Workers
  • Diversity & Why It Matters
  • Diversity & Individual Differences
  • Managing Diversity
Business Management Module 4
Motivation, Leadership & Communication
  • What is Motivation?
  • Equity Theory
  • Expectancy Theory
  • Reinforcement Theory
  • Goal-Setting Theory
  • Leadership versus Management
  • Situational Approaches to Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Managing Communication
  • What is Communication?
  • Kinds of Communication
  • Improving Communication
Business Management Module 5
Controlling & Managing Information
  • Basics of Control
  • The Control Process
  • How and What to Control
  • Control Methods
  • Managing Information
  • Why Information Matters
  • Characteristics & Costs of Useful Information
  • Getting & Sharing Information
  • Managing for Productivity & Quality
  • Managing Service Operations
  • Managing Manufacturing Operations
  • Managing Inventory
Leadership & Goal Attainment Module 1
Relational Leadership
  • Overview of the Relational Model
  • Comparing Leadership Styles
  • Enhancing Your Personal Leadership
  • Exploring and Assessing the Basic Framework
  • Assessment, Compromise, and Focus as Leadership Traits
  • In-Depth View of the Relational Leadership Model
  • Understanding the Core Elements
  • Key Components of a Relational Organization
  • Shifting from Non-Relational to Relational Leadership
  • Adopting a New Style for Dealing with People
  • The Critical Role as Leader
  • Preserving the Organization’s Environment
Leadership & Goal Attainment Module 2
Developing as a Leader
  • Apply Discipline
  • Execute Winning Activities
  • Avoid Shortcuts
  • Manage Risk
  • The Power of Leadership
  • Building on Strengths
  • Applying Your Self-Knowledge
  • Creating a Great Place to Work
  • The Building Blocks of Trust
  • Make Stress a Positive Force
  • The Value of Relationalism
  • Community Leadership
  • The Relational Leader at Home
Leadership & Goal Attainment Module 3
Multiplier versus Diminishers
  • The Multiplier Effect
  • Resource Leveraging
  • The High Cost of Diminishers
  • The Mind of the Multiplier
  • The Five Disciplines of the Multiplier
  • The Talent Magnet
  • Four Practices of the Talent Magnet
  • The Diminishers’ Approach
  • The Liberator
  • Tyrant versus Liberator
  • Three Practices of the Liberator
  • The Challenger
  • The Know-it-All versus the Challenger
Leadership & Goal Attainment Module 4
Becoming a Multiplier
  • The Debate Maker
  • Practices of the Debate Maker
  • Debate Making as Resource Leverage
  • The Investor
  • The Micromanager versus the Investor
  • The Diminishers’ Approach to Execution
  • Leveraging Your Investment
  • Becoming a Multiplier
  • From Resonance to Resolve
  • The Accelerators
  • Sustaining Momentum
  • Genius or Genius Maker
Leadership & Goal Attainment Module 5
Goals and Goal Setting
  • What is a Goal?
  • Goals & Objectives Pyramids
  • Who Sets Goals?
  • The Goal Setting Process
  • Adopt & Adapt the Goal
  • Identifying and Documenting Goals
  • Writing S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Goal Development and Planning
  • Action Plans
  • Obstacles to Goal Attainment
  • Goal Achievement
  • Taking Action

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